Bible Baptist Church   of Landrum
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330 West Finger Street Landrum, SC 29356 (864) 457-5214
Bible Baptist Church was established on January 27, 1997 by 27 individuals seeking the help and will of God for their lives and that of their families. Her inception was in an old store front which God provided with an old furnace and a port-a-potti restroom.
Bible Baptist Church purchased a church located on Randolph Street in Landrum, South Carolina in 1998. Seating was limited to 100 but God had given us increase as we labored in His vinyard.
As God continued to bless, God allowed Bible Baptist Church to add a 50 ft. section onto the existing church in 1999 which gave us addional seating downstairs and also a balcony which allowed us to seat 220.
Bible Baptist Church purchased a 10 acre tract of land just a few blocks away from the old church on 330 West Finger Street in Landrum, South Carolina. Seating in the new church is around 400.
1997 1998 1999 Present
In 2009, the Lord allowed us to move into a brand new Fellowship Hall complete with Sunday School rooms, Prophet’s Chamber, gymnasium, and a full kitchen.
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