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330 West Finger Street Landrum, SC 29356 (864) 457-5214
A Word From Our Pastor
Bible   Baptist   Church   is   nestled   in   the   foothills   of   the   Blue   Ridge Mountains    and    through    our    local    ministry,    radio    ministries, missionaries,   and   other   forms   of   media   is   seeking   to   spread   the Word   of   God   to   the   ends   of   the   earth   in   preparation   for   the   soon return of the Lord Jesus Christ. Thank   you   for   visiting   our   web   site.   We   trust   that   every   time   you visit   you   will   find   something   which   will   make   you   more   Christ- like   in   your   deportment.   The   Bible   says   in   Mark   16:15,   “And   he said   unto   them,   Go   ye   into   all   the   world,   and   preach   the   gospel to   every   creature.”   To   all   who   believe,   Jesus   is   precious.   This   web site is designed to magnify Him and Him alone!  Send   us   an   email   once   you   have   visited   our   site.   We   would   like to hear from you, and we would like you to pray for us.
“We are honored to have you to visit our church’s web site. It is our desire to spread the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ throughout the world. We seek to spread the Gospel through home and foreign ministries, through radio broadcasts, through printed materials, and also by means of the World Wide Web. Our thrust and primary objective is to make known the teachings of the Word of God to men of all nationalities, no matter what creed or color.” --Pastor Turner
Dr. Tommy C. Turner
Sunday School 9:45 AM Sunday Morning 11:00 AM Sunday Evening 6:00 PM Wednesday Evening 7:00 PM Saturday Prayer Meeting 9:00 PM
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Join us for our children’s Christmas program. Date:  December 17, 2017 Time:  6:00 PM
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